Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lyndon Delano Moss' Don's Song | Songs To Feel Happy

Update To Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss | Songs To Feel Happy

Don’s Song is an instrumental piece played on the guitar and is the original composition of my uncle Lyndon Delano Moss. Uncle Lyndon has been playing guitar music for years and he finally allowed my Auntie Merce to publish his music after she begged and begged.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊

Why do you need to listen to Don’s Song: Songs to feel happy?

My Auntie Merce says that she feels really joyful when she listens to Uncle L's music. She's given out a Don’s Song challenge because my one year old son calmed down from being unusually fussy when he heard it.

Auntie Merce really feels that Uncle Lyndon's Song will help to change your environment and make it more peaceful. She said it is like breath of fresh air to her.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

The second part of the update on Songs to feel happy: Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss

Don’s Song by my Uncle Lyndon is now live on Amazon.

Get Songs to feel happy: Don’s Song by my Uncle, Lyndon Delano Moss at the link below